"For the fearless Woman... Proud to always march to her own beat and revels in the curiosity-of-life. Finding herself amidst an adventure, never standing still, and never settling for less, from the world or from herself." -HAEJ.CO

BLING BABY.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ORIGINAL HANDMADE JEWELRY, DESIGNED AND PRODUCED IN         SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 


Cultivated at the California College of the Arts in the Bay area, the core of our creative endeavors started in the craft of fine arts; specifically in painting, sculpture and installation art. This heavily influences all stages of the Haej.Co design process. 

"There’s more character, more soul in handmade quality -that the maker touched and examined every single surface of the final product. This is a romanticized view from someone who is rooted in the traditional techniques of fine art and who’s also part of the maker-world."-haej.co


We consider the jewelry a sculptural piece of art, just a lot smaller, shinier, and with more finite detail. More so, these mini sculptures are an immediate way to publicly showcase our work- out on the streets and in everyday life. We aim to contribute to the ideal that beautifully, handcrafted pieces of art should and can be more accessible to everyone. We revel in the notion that our works are a meeting point of self-expression that reflects both the maker and the person who wears it –an aesthetic affinity. At the end of the day, Haej.Co is just another method and means through which we continue to live and sustain a creative lifestyle. Nothing inspires us more than our travels- adventures to places and cultures we’ve yet to experience – sights, smells, tastes and sounds. 


To let go, to stop being such a control freak, to release myself from idealizations of perfection and institutional conditioning. To stop putting so much pressure on myself and to fall in love with making work for the right reasons again.